A family of wrens 'self-isolate' in Chalkdown stable

Good news to boost the spirits is always welcome, particularly given the current climate. So volunteers at Chalkdown Riding for the Disabled Group were surprised and thrilled to find a family of wrens nesting in an unexpected location recently.

Emma Ginger discovered the ‘self-isolating’ family in an old grazing muzzle that was hanging up in the entrance to the hay shed and snapped the fabulous photo as she was doing her usual daily yard duties looking after the ponies.

She said "I have watched the family grow from eggs to fledglings, being fed regularly by very hard working parents, who seemed completely unperturbed by my daily haynet filling sessions - and I am pleased to say that all four chicks have now safely flown away. It's been such a rewarding sight and gives us all a bit of hope in these unprecedented times."

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