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Whether you are organising an event, want to increase donations, gain support from local organisations or looking for new ideas for fundraising – there are plenty of ideas to help. Here are some that other groups have used.

Top 15 Most Popular Ideas

Top 15 Most Popular Fund Raising Ideas
No. Fund Raising Idea
1 Cake sale
2 Book sale
3 Sponsored ride (or other event- swim, run, walk etc.)
4 Coffee morning
5 Raffle
6 Promise auction
7 Nude calendar
8 I'm a stable girl get me out of here doing challenges
9 Table top equestrian/tack sale
10 Car washing
11 Jumble sale
12 School fair stalls
13 Sponsor a pony with certificate
14 Company/employee match funds scheme
15 Race night

A wide range of promotional items are also available from RDA UK to help support and publicise Group fundraising events, so why not tell us your plans and see how we can help.

Putting on an RDA show or public display? The MyRDA website offers a guidance sheet to help you get started and you will also find sponsorship and Gift Aid forms. To help with grant applications, they have produced a ‘Golden Rules’ guidance sheet.


RDA UK Fundraising Team

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