How We Can Help You

The RDA South East Region can help you in a number of ways. If you’re a rider, want to become a rider or know someone who would like to be a rider, you can find a local Group and see if we can help. You could end up following a dressage route, becoming a show jumper, riding Western Style or just spend time hanging out with lovely horses and ponies.

If you want to try carriage driving, there are a number of groups that offer this as an option, including some that are dedicated solely to carriage driving. You can find out more information through the links below.

How To Take Part

Find out how you can take part in a wide variety of RDA activities, including therapy and socialising.

Carriage Driving

Discover how RDA members can benefit from carriage driving, including those who are usually unable to ride.


Learn how dressage can help RDA riders, including improving balance, control, mobility and memory.

Find A Group

Find your nearest RDA South East region group, including contact details and the number of spaces available.