Lizzie (seated) with hospital staff and Moses Lizzie (seated) with hospital staff and Moses

It’s Neigh Problem for Moses to Make a Hospital Visit

There was great amazement and a real sense of Christmas when a horsebox pulled up outside a London hospital just before Christmas. It was Moses paying a hospital visit to a special friend.

20 year old Lizzie Jordan from Guildford contracted a very rare form of E-coli, which developed into a rare blood syndrome called HUS. This caused multiple organ failure including kidney, heart and lungs and she was in a coma for 8 and a half weeks. She has been in hospital for 13 weeks and has currently been left with no sight.

Lizzie and her sister Chloe, have a horse at Woodside stables in Elstead, Surrey and the stables decided to speed up her recovery with a Christmas surprise. Tina Brine from the yard contacted the Stella Hancock carriage driving group of the Riding for Disabled (RDA), which regularly uses Moses, to ask for their help. Dan Brown from the group drove from Dorking with Tina to the hospital where they took Moses the pony, through Accident & Emergency into the lift and up to the 13th floor to see Lizzie.

“It was wonderful to see the look on Lizzie’s face when she stroked and cuddled Moses.” said Tina. “I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. It was a wonderful experience and it brought such happiness to Lizzie and will hopefully aid her recovery. Moses made a lot of patients and staff very happy today and was photographed by hundreds of people” continued Tina. “No-one could believe we got him in the lift! He was wonderful, a real star. I would like to thank Dan and the RDA for making this possible. Get well soon Lizzie, we want you back at the yard!”

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