Mid Sussex RDA celebrate a return to riding

On Tuesday morning, the 30th March, the Mid Sussex Riding for the Disabled Group were excited to be able to reopen and welcome back seven of their riders. As they had been able to restart in August after the first lockdown, they were already signed off for all the COVID regulations so could take advantage of a speedy start.

The Group uses the horses from Chestnuts Riding School where they meet, and because they had been ridden regularly by loaners over the lockdown period, they were all fit and healthy.

“Our volunteers were all eager to come back, so our return was remarkably straightforward” said Ruby Grimshaw, Mid Sussex’s Chair and Coach. “We were planning a very slow simple first session, expecting our riders to be nervous and apprehensive, but they all rode as though there had not been a lockdown at all!  All were so excited and happy to be back, that it made all the planning and work worthwhile”.

Other RDA Groups across the South East Region are also beginning to ride again.

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