How To Take Part

If you or someone you know is looking for therapy, a new challenge, or just the chance to socialise and have fun – why not find your nearest RDA Group today. You can use our Group Finder to do this.

Become Part of Something BIG

RDA South East has 35 Groups across the counties of Surrey, East & West Sussex and Kent. These groups organize activities for a big community of over 2,000 riders and carriage drivers, all made possible by around 1,000 volunteers.

Lots to Do

RDA offers a wide range of different activities and equestrian disciplines for you to try.  These range from riding and carriage driving to showjumping, Western riding, vaulting, dressage and endurance.  There are regional and national competitions to take part in as well as holidays and education programmes.  All help to develop your skills and - of course - are great fun!

Get Involved

As well as riding and driving many participants wish to get involved as volunteers and coaches. Perhaps you have skills you could share with RDA and don’t forget, it’s not just about working with horses, there is a role for everyone in RDA!

Get Started

You can use our Group Finder to find contact details of Groups in your area and also the details of your local County Chair who will be able to advise you.

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